April 30, 2011

Pretzel + Chocolate + Coconut

Easiest snack dessert you can make at home!

Recipe: melt chocolate of your choice (you can use microwave for 3min. take it out & stir it and keep doing it till it is all melted, use 80% power too to make sure you don't burn it). Dip pretzel into melted chocolate and coconut or nuts of your choice (i.e. almonds will be a another good choice :)

April 28, 2011

@ Innocent Coffee

Coffee + Food + Art Exhibit

nice little cafe, each cup coffee brewed when u order......they first weigh their coffee beans so precise amt & i find their front counter very interesting besides all those baked goods that are cutely labelled, there is the coolest cash/order machine-very tiny!

love the deco, good place to sit around & kill time~ only bad thing is the noise around the area since behind is a auto repair shop...I'm very sensitive to those kind of noises since I used to live nearby an auto-repair shop~

This place has a sense of wonder +++


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