June 01, 2011

@ Japanese Kitchen

Eggplant with sweet miso

I was surprised to learn on that night that we were the last customer of Japanese Kitchen because of new ownership.

We enjoyed the hot dishes we ordered such as the eggplant glazed with sweet miso, Renku Manju floating in a flavourful soup, interesting crispy avocado with spicy ketchup sauce. I also had the grill mackerel, which was served in a pretty good soy sauce. The staff was really nice to offer us their homemade cheesecake as the last customers.

So, these were probably the last dishes cooked by the kitchen staff of Japanese Kitchen (whether the staffs or the chef will remain the same, I don't know). The staff told us that a  new Japanese chef/owner will be taking over and the restaurant name will probably remain the same.

Renku Manju
Crispy Avocado

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  1. The food looks so good! I hope the new owners will have the same menu too :)