June 12, 2011

@ Le Gavroche

Lobster Carpacio
Another evening spent with friends and catching up on the latest gossip. This time we went for a fancy fine dining at Le Gavroche. Unfortunately, Le Gavroche was a big disappointment.

The food: the entrees were disappointing. Do not get the fish here, it is tasteless. I had the braised chicken, which was cold by the time it got the table (we had a big party of people). It was covered in a sauce, but nothing specially tasty. I also had a taste of my friends' dishes such as the braised beef tenderloin. For the price we were paying, I expected something better.

The appetizers we had such as the lobster carpacio, beef tartar, and artisan salad were overall ok. I enjoyed the french onion soup (I'm a fan of onion soups!).
The service: our server was friendly at the start, but that changed after we said we wanted to share some dishes and appetizers. We got treated way differently (waitress's face turned 190 degree and seem like didn't want to serve us anymore) and even said "we are not making money." because we are sharing. Well, all I know is that you are charging way too much for food that isn't good!

The ambiance and the setting was great and we even had a room to ourselves. But, I am not coming back for sure!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I pass by that place one day thinking that I might try it some day! Its horrible that the server changes attitude because you guys were sharing.. I don't think I'll go there afterall!