May 02, 2011

@ Bon's Off Broadway

Very casual atmosphere in here, if you feel like sitting on a chair you can sit on top of the benches (more like a place to hangout with friends, not with your family). As for the decor, it looks like an old bar...there were writing all over the wall and the carpet looked extremely black...a peak through the kitchen it looked clean (didn't look too has stainless steal counters...) phew! (Yes, I'm a germophobe!)

This place offers all day breakfast for $2.95, and this is what it looks like:

The bacon was super dry, I had the sausage and it was so salty & dry (those packs of sausage are the ones that you can buy at walmart for $1). The potatoes were in big wedges, the skin burned, and tasted bland.

This breakfast will fill you up, but I rather cook at home or go to Roundel Cafe even if it is 2X $.......

If you are here only for the food then: Save your $ or expend it on something better~


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  1. The place looks pretty old school haha :) $2.95 is a good price! Too bad the food is not that great.. Its hard to found a place that can beat the $1 breakfast at ikea :P

  2. I still haven't tried the ikea breakfast yet! can't never wake up early enough for