May 06, 2011

@ Pho Alderwood

P6: brisket, flank, tendon

Prawn Egg Rolls
Super hungry after all day & my shopaholic friend went to Pho Alderwood, which is right across Alderwood mall. This place looks like any other Vietnamese pho noodles places; both the server and the kitchen staff spoke Vietnamese so I guess it is authentically run by Vietnamese. The server was friendly and the service was good.

Ordered beef noodle soup & prawn egg rolls....we were super hungry, but this place is so-so for beef noodle soup.

We both though the beef (flank, brisket) and the tendon weren't the best one. The soup wasn't very flavorful. Nothing special about the prawn egg rolls. The color of the egg rolls wasn't the most attractive--very dark yellow (i think is probably fried twice/refried because of advance preparation or the oil they are using is very old).

Overall, I think there are better places for Pho~


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  1. Too bad that the food isn't that good, especially it is run by Vietnamese people. It would be an alternative to Western foods (ie. burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs) and Westernize Chinese food.

  2. I know who's the shopaholic friend you talked about!

  3. Linda: yea, we really wanted Pho that day~ haha

    Canji: really?? don't u know all your friends r shopaholic except me :D