May 28, 2011

Brunch a la french style @ Cafe Regalate

The Lyon Breakfast

The Pulled Pork Sandwich
Nothing beats an afternoon, chatting with friend 
and having good food. 

I had a very yummy pulled pork sandwich & 
very flavourful casserole of  bacons, spinach, 
mushrooms, and eggs coated with  red wine based broth. 

These french dishes were very generous in size 
and my tummy was so full I couldn't try their desserts.

Their desserts display & pate selection looks
delicious and unique, I will definitely came 
back and try those next time!

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May 25, 2011

@ G-Be Izakaya

The Triple Salmon Roll
Deco: very interesting & fancy deco. Love the zen wall! Very nice setting and nice plates for the dishes. Very dark lighting, but I didn't mind it since it makes everyone look sexier (I think!).

Food: Interesting & very nicely presented.

Soy Milk Hot Pot
All their sushi rice & rice dishes were made with red rice, which was pretty good. I had the Triple Salmon Roll and the Steamed 7-Grain Rice Mini Pot with Shirasu fish & Spicy Cod Roe. The Steamed rice pot was supper small you can finish in 3 spoonful (ok, since it said mini pot I expected it to be bigger!).

Soy Milk Hot Pot: comes with some bok choy, fried tofu, radom veggies like broccoli. This dish sounded interesting,but taste was disappointing. The vegetables were very raw & the soup wasn't very hot, so the candlelight underneath it couldn't cook the veggies. The white sesame broth didn't have that much flavour so as the vegetables & tofu that come with it. 

Seafood Tataki Salad: can't go wrong with salads (or I hope nobody does).

Overall: Very Tiny Dishes & Overprice (well yes izakaya, maybe just don't go there for dinner or when you are hungry like me). Some dishes a hit or miss.
Seafood Tataki Salad
Shirasu Mentakoi Steamed Sushi Mini Pot

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May 20, 2011

Enjoy :9

@ Hofstede Country Barn 
Smoked Salmon Quiche + Buttesquash ravioli
French Onion Soup + Pulled Pork Sandwich
Chicken Vegetable soup & ham and cheese quiche

May 18, 2011

Welcome Cacti

My thorny cacti...even though u r hairy and full of thorns, I find u cute even though not many will think so.....~.~

May 11, 2011

Dim Sum @ Dung Sing Chin

No table, No problem! use a mah jong table
Dirty Dishes! The dishes, bowl, cups, teapot were all chipped, some stained, some with visible crumbs/debris...the table top cloth we had was the worst one of all--the threads we coming out. You take a look around (where I was sitting in the little corner room), there was so much dirt by the floor & window. I felt so uncomfortable after seeing this.


Shrimp & chives dumpling in soup: No good. The soup didn't look appetizing, it was cloudy with some stuff floating on top (chicken fat?). Yes, it didn't taste good/flavorful. The dumpling did not have a tail (as in most dumpling in soup) and the skin was too thick. Inside was mostly shrimp, not much chives.
Shrimp and Chives dumpling in soup

Green onion & dry scallop rice flour rolls

The green onion & dry scallop rice flour rolls : barely any dry scallop & barely any onions. So it was very plain. The rolls were very thick and each layer very thick, so not very smooth.

The beef tendon: was ok. I can't comment on the cow tripe 'cause I don't eat them. It has taro at the bottom, but it was very oily.

The other dishes: nothing special or super tasty.

The jasmine tea: taste like water (just the regular low grade). But they don't charge for tea here.

For me, dim sum is all about the tea, food, and ambiance. This place lack all these.

shanghai style juicy pork bun
deep fried tofu with salt & pepper
Baked tapioca pudding
Beef Tendon & tripe


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May 09, 2011

May 06, 2011


Even better: try the Four Cheese Flavour! so cheesy!
........there is also bacon cheddar flavour which I haven't try yet~

@ Pho Alderwood

P6: brisket, flank, tendon

Prawn Egg Rolls
Super hungry after all day & my shopaholic friend went to Pho Alderwood, which is right across Alderwood mall. This place looks like any other Vietnamese pho noodles places; both the server and the kitchen staff spoke Vietnamese so I guess it is authentically run by Vietnamese. The server was friendly and the service was good.

Ordered beef noodle soup & prawn egg rolls....we were super hungry, but this place is so-so for beef noodle soup.

We both though the beef (flank, brisket) and the tendon weren't the best one. The soup wasn't very flavorful. Nothing special about the prawn egg rolls. The color of the egg rolls wasn't the most attractive--very dark yellow (i think is probably fried twice/refried because of advance preparation or the oil they are using is very old).

Overall, I think there are better places for Pho~


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May 02, 2011

@ Bon's Off Broadway

Very casual atmosphere in here, if you feel like sitting on a chair you can sit on top of the benches (more like a place to hangout with friends, not with your family). As for the decor, it looks like an old bar...there were writing all over the wall and the carpet looked extremely black...a peak through the kitchen it looked clean (didn't look too has stainless steal counters...) phew! (Yes, I'm a germophobe!)

This place offers all day breakfast for $2.95, and this is what it looks like:

The bacon was super dry, I had the sausage and it was so salty & dry (those packs of sausage are the ones that you can buy at walmart for $1). The potatoes were in big wedges, the skin burned, and tasted bland.

This breakfast will fill you up, but I rather cook at home or go to Roundel Cafe even if it is 2X $.......

If you are here only for the food then: Save your $ or expend it on something better~


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